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AMDmode was the Middle East’s first and leading men’s online fashion portal. Launched January 2012, it has since been dedicated to reporting the latest and greatest in global style. A digital portal that speaks to the modern man who is stylish, curious and above all, unafraid to try new approach to his lifestyle and appearance. Created to entertain an influential readership that includes rising underground talents as well as well-known names in art, fashion, entertainment and media.
Providing its readers with a daily dose of fashion and accessory features, exclusive designer interviews, high-fashion photo shoots, original video footage, expert grooming advice and celebrity style.

As of October 2020, AMDmode team decided to redirect the content of the portal to the community. This would be happening through the revamp and the re-look of the website. The new approach aims to focus on an easy and straight forward contact with the readers, introducing three new sections. Feel, Read and Listen. Each section will include several categories, tackling fashion, grooming, lifestyle and culture. Together with the community we are aiming to achieve a place were the community has a portal to express and the brands as well would have the chance to discover talents that they can relate to.

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