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A conversation with Jerome Griffith

We spoke to Jerome Griffith, CEO of TUMI, about travel lifestyle accessories, the company’s growth plan and the latest trends.

1) What do you think is the source of TUMI’s success?

TUMI perfects our customers’ journeys. We are always looking into making our collections better and improving things. It’s synonymous with the 5 parts of TUMI’s brand DNA: excellence in design, technical innovation, functional superiority, unparalleled quality, and lastly world class after-sale service.

2) Can you describe the development process of a TUMI’s item?

TUMI’s superior product quality is achieved through distinct designs, technological innovations, best-in-class materials, and meticulous manufacturing processes. No other product on the market is made like TUMI. It’s what we call the TUMI difference- the way in which we approach every aspect of the design and manufacturing process, considering each development component- from the smallest, case- hardened solid-steel machine screw to its exclusive, virtually abrasion-proof Ballistic Nylon Fabric. We also spend a lot of time on R&D and on testing during, before, and after the manufacturing process. The outstanding quality we provide translates into more consumers purchasing TUMI and becoming our Global Citizens.

3) How inspiring is the Middle East region for TUMI when it comes to creating new lines?

Each region TUMI collections are represented in are considered while designing each new collection. The TUMI customer is more conscious of industry wide trends; specifically lightweight, four wheels, and hard side travel cases. In business cases, addressing tablet computing and adaptability within the case are paramount; People have come to see TUMI as a lifestyle brand.

4) How would you like TUMI to be remembered by the generations to come?

I’d want TUMI’s legacy to be the five parts of its brand DNA: Excellence in design, Technical innovation, Functional superiority, unparalleled quality, and lastly World class after-sale service.

5) Where do you think the world of TRAVEL LIFESTYLE ACCESSORIES is headed?

We foresee more customers streamlining their travel needs, mixing their business and travel pieces. TUMI, now more than ever is designing collections that will further combine the various pieces and create more lifestyle branded items. TUMI is also responding to these new trends by further developing the role of ecommerce and how our customers shop for luggage. With the website, customers now have more access to information that will aide them in making more informed choices. TUMI’s newly re-launched website is very much rooted in giving the consumer better information to showcase the TUMI difference.


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