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Founder and creative director of Orlebar Brown Adam Brown, tell us more about how he built a luxury men’s swim and resort wear brand from scratch.

1) What is the design aesthetic for Orlebar Brown. Do you ever try to stray from this imagined vision?

Everything we do at Orlebar Brown from product design to our communications should be Considered, Tailored and Colourful. I think that is essential that we never lose sight of the core that is intrinsic to Orlebar Brown so that at every point that anyone is exposed to the brand they see a consistent message that they trust. For every product we make I firmly believe that it should be relevant now, but also relevant 10 years ago and in 10 years time.

2) What type of man would wear Orlebar Brown. What makes him distinguished?

That’s a difficult one to answer as I think that our product offering is such that it has a very wide appeal, that said an OB man in my opinion would be assured, confident, a follower of fashion but not a fashion leader, understated, well-travelled and most importantly concerned about looking good at every occasion.

3) What was the inspiration behind the cruise collection?

Water is central to everything OB. It is a pool, it is the beach, underwater or overwater, on a boat,diving, surfing or sailing. Where, or how you wear, enjoy and remember OB – it usually has its focus in water. We begin our study for CR14 above water, focusing on exploration, relaxation and recreation. Photographic prints from Slim Aarons lead the collection; the first time OB has experimented with printed tees for men and swimsuits for women. Our collaboration with Australian photographer, Jon Frank, showcases our celebration of light, colour, pattern and movement with water. Orange-reds, surf blues and citrus yellows provide a base for new block sweats, sports-wear and an expanded womens collection.

4) What are your thoughts on Men's fashion in the Middle East?

The key point that I notice about mens fashion in the Middle East is that mostly the men are already wearing a version of our shorts, i.e. they are generally not wearing a long board short or an elasticated waist short, this to me is a great opportunity as with a certain amount of education Orlebar Brown should start to be the first choice for swim but also essential tailored casuals. I noted that linen was a popular choice with men, not surprisingly due to the climate, which again excites me as we explore different silhouettes around one of hero fabrications- linen. Lastly it’s very clear that men love a brand and a name they can trust but also make a statement with, I hope that as we expand in the Middle East Orlebar Brown will become more evident and ultimately a brand that men will know and trust.

5) What are 3 style tips you would give to our readers (aged 18-35)

1. Before buying an item, consider its use and where you will wear the product, I always think it’s important to dress appropriately for the occasion

2. Invest- I can’t stress enough how important it is to invest in quality items that will last both the test of time but also trends. I think its fine to buy statement pieces to punctuate your wardrobe, but always ensure you invest in strong hero pieces that you will wear for many years

3. Don’t forget about your feet, a pair of great shoes and a pair of great socks will always lift even the most straight forward outfits and demonstrate that you have given thought to your outfit even if everything is simply Navy!

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