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Are brands already on ClubHouse?

There is a lot of hype about the app ClubHouse that we can not ignore. People like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerburg and other celebrities are feeding its invite-only exclusivity. The result is that the app reached more than 6 million users, as of Feb 1, 2021.

In a Very quiet way, brands are checking out ClubHouse. At least three major retail brands are testing the waters. They're looking at reaction and engagement.

There is also ClubHouse's 'serendipity factor.' People find themselves listening to dialogues between reporters, celebrities, scientists, artists. For example, you would join a room with celebrities and producers discussing their next projects, and that would be a great source for brand to capitalize and work on.

Lets consider you as a brand need to jump on the wagon, what should your brand manager be doing right now?

1- Get an invites and get familiar with the app. (Check our article here)

2- Introduce the app to the team members. The job of a Brand manager is to help develop policy and procedures around the app and make senior leadership aware of opportunities and risks.

3- Join rooms quietly and don’t participate. Brand managers and communicators can start joining Clubhouse rooms for their teams and clients.

Not confirmed yet but there will be possibility that ClubHouse will be launching sponsored rooms which can be beneficial for the brands. The content brands can place in sponsored rooms is endless: product launches, earnings calls, employee experiences, , customer service issues, brand acts, CSR programs and so on.

We all know that now the major success factor of a brand is storytelling. And we can think of a better way to tell a story than with your voice

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