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Balenciaga Around the World

In a different approach to a fashion presentation, Balenciaga decided to take us on a site seeing tour around the world within their Winter 21 Pre-Collection.

58 looks shot by Patrick Welde against blank backgrounds, made us imagine each model, posing in front of an iconic tourist attraction that is added in post-production.

Winter 21 reexamines customs of easygoing and formalwear, reversing expectations to make new classifications. 90.6% of plain and printed textures are certified sustainable. In addition to a great extent unisex contribution based on loosened up fits and easy to-wear pieces.

For sure we cant forget the aspect of tailoring which was intentionally creased and large fitting, made in satin, viscose gabardine, linen, crushed nylon, and cotton.

Various padded evening stolas are made in fabrics that match coats, jackets, and even hoodies, creating elegant and comfortable silhouettes. The tracksuits had their moment as well and were seen in traditional nylon but also reimagined in fleece, fused with knit pullovers, and transformed into hoodies and long cinched coats.

The new star was the Runner sneaker is a new addition to the Balenciaga sneaker collection. It stands out with a DIY, cut up aesthetic, a web of athletic components in the shape of a springy running shoe.

And talking about the new additions, the new bags introduced in the Pre-Collection are Le Cagole, Gossip, Tote 2.0, Bistro Basket, and Maxi Clutch. The Cagole is round-edged where the Neo Classic is sharp, taking identifying elements from the 20-year-old iconic Balenciaga bag and relaxing them, adding extra studs and a heart -shaped hanging mirror.


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