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A brand that reflects perfectly the common interests of its founders, Filippo Fiora and Filippo Cirulli. A contemporary aesthetic and respect towards finest traditions of Italian craftsmanship.

Edhèn‘s first introduction during Milano Fashion Week 2016 has been higly received, we had the chance to sit with the founders of EDHÈN.

1) Tell us more about the brand and why you decide to start it.

Our passion for men shoes and the idea to create a new concept of Italian loafers are the founding basis of EDHÈN.

We started the brand 2 years ago, in 2015, with a presentation during Milan Fashion Week.

We launched the EDHÈN because we noticed that there was a big gap in the shoe market: it was really difficult for us to find a shoe reflecting our style, classic but at the same time with a contemporary twist.

2) Do you think that man are obsessed by shoes like woman?

Men are becoming more focused their appearance : men’s fashion is made of items built to last season upon season – a good blue suit, a great overcoat, a silk tie. In order to personalize each look and to stand out declaring their own individuality, elegant men like to play with shoes exactly like the the fairer sex.

3) Can we expect to see more than just shoes from now on?

Men’s shoes are one of our greatest passions and for the moment we want to focus on developing season after season our idea of footwear and to share our personal interpretation of the Italian loafer.

4) Tell us about the process of creating your shoes.

Creativity is an exciting process: integrating old facts in new ways, creating new relations emerging from old ideas and finding new configuration are the most challenging and exciting aspects for a designer.

For us re-inventing the classic Italian shoe is a process rooted in the desire to create a new product that reflects the heritage of the formal loafer reshaped according to the ultimate trends.

5) How important is it to be present in The Middle East.

In every collection we try to give a suitable offer for different kind of men, from the most formal ones to the ones that like to experiment more.

The Middle East market is very rewarding for us because the customer likes to stand out and to have fun with fashion.

6) What type of man wears Edhèn Milano shoe?

We have clients from all over the world, from Japan to the USA, from Middle-East to Europe. Our clientele is made of people looking for high quality products which are not too mainstream, classic but with a modern and fresh touch.


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