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Gucci's Birthday...100 Years

Going back to the day he arrived to Gucci in 2015, Alessandro Michele has done things his way, forging a different and interesting vision that has positioned Gucci as one of the most desired brands in the market.

Its been hundred years since Guccio Gucci established his leather goods store in Firenze, Italy the Queen of Tuscany. A regular trade business that turned into an empire, to which the Alessandro Michele pays tribute in his new collection, Gucci Aria which doesn’t stop only at nostalgic homages equestrian inspiration, philosophical reflections on the passage of time and an unexpected allusion (on which there was speculation) to Demna Gvasalia’s work.

A sixteen-minute journey in video format, recorded at Cinecittà Studios in Rome and co-directed by Floria Sigismondi and Alessandro Michele.

Michele brings together the Gucci monogram with the logo of the French fashion house Balenciaga on the same garments. A decision that will opens up a range of new possibilities to fashion.

"Crossing this threshold, I have plundered the nonconformist rigour of Demna Gvasalia and the sexual tension of Tom Ford; I have lingered over the anthropological implications of what shines, working on the brightness of fabrics; I have celebrated the equestrian world of Gucci transfiguring it into a fetish cosmogony; I have sublimated Marilyn Monroe’s silhouette and old Hollywood’s glamour; I sabotaged the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie and the codes of men’s tailoring." Michele says.


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