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The 11 perfumes are, like Slimane’s signature unisex designs, named by the native Parisian himself, inspired by his olfactory journey. The scents contain a “powdery signature”, but otherwise run the gamut of notes.

Created by Hedi Slimane, the Celine perfume collection draws its know-how from french high perfumery, in keeping with the tradition of the “Couturier Parfumeur”. The Celine Haute Parfumerie collection is comprised of 9 perfumes to date. Their names, chosen by Hedi Slimane, stem from the couturier's olfactory journal.

The collection comprises eight day and three evening perfumes. It includes Reptile, which was inspired by his work with rock stars over the past 25 years. Other scents, such as Cologne Française, offer something sweeter.

Slimane commissioned French glassmaking craftsmen to create rectangular bottles in a modernist style for the new Celine range. The perfume box contains a “grain de poudre” feel and come knotted in a black Ottoman ribbon.


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