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Men Craze With Cars, Justifiable?

Men love cars. That is a fact that has never been up for debate and with good reason. This is for the simple reason that when it comes to cars, women and men are different. With women looking for a car that operates best depending on lifestyle, to men its more than a convenience item. Still with the craze of cars from men at an all-time high every day, it is a baffling fact for many as it remains a mystery. But does it make sense?

Cars are Fulfilling

It might seem strange but cars fill a void that few things can. Providing power to the man behind the wheel, cars follow commands without complaints. With society expecting one to follow a set of rules that seem to control everyone, cars offer a sense of freedom and adventure to every user. In addition, men's devotion to cars can be traced back to sexual fantasies fulfillment. With no rejection expected and performance is as desired, there are no set rules that need to be satisfied and best of all every man is a winner.

Cars are loyal

Cars do not require much and will not nag to get the best of everything in the market, just for the sake of it. This comes about as with the needed maintenance, they will work just as they are expected to perform without any noise to indicate faults in operations. If it needs a polish, getting one is advised, an oil change means a smother rides, a new part means an even quieter and comfortable ride is experienced. The best part of it all is that once it is done and you think an upgrade is what is needed, it will be your decision and not the cars.


Society has restrictions in everyday life that one must conform to or be viewed as an outcast. With women more likely than men to do this on an everyday basis without the need of detoxing on a regular basis, it is different for men. For Men, such a lifestyle is not only confining but almost suffocating. In this- cars are the answer. Offering masculinity for every man, they do not need you to behave in a certain way. In this case if one is feeling frustrated, angry, and even confused, an aggressive ride is the way to go. If one is feeling vulnerable, a quiet long ride might be the answer. The best part of it all is that with society expecting and judging men by the cars that they drive, getting a car regardless of the type becomes an extension of who you are.


What is your dream car? Is it a Ferrari, Lamborghini, a BMW, the newest range rover? Regardless of which car it is, there are a few specifications that one is looking for that need to be met before one buys the car. Unlike in a restaurant where the advertised foods barely look like the actual food one gets to eat, cars offer exactly that. Is it a sporty look? A twin-turbo engine, sleek interior, fuel efficient car, charcoal, or shiny finish? then that is exactly how it will come as advertised. Still with cars extensions of the men themselves, they are used to cover flaws. In this case with the right car, one can achieve a new heightened feeling of confidence and be perfect.

So, is the men's craze with cars justifiable? Yes! Is it worth it? Definitely. Just ask any man.


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