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My Letter to You

Same mood different feel, that is how it started when I want to see the shift within AMDmode. Almost a decade since the launch as the first online magazine for men in the middle east and I’m am proud to stay we were able to establish a name and a position. When I sat with a team of creatives who shared their vision and I shared mine we agreed on one goal. The goal was to bring quality-driven content in the form of speaking and being close to a community while keeping in mind the standards and values of the portal.

This new approach drives through all levels of experiences. We will be embracing the senses in all ways possible. We will speak with the community through channels; our texts, our illustrations, our photography, and our videography.

We always loved our readers and followers, they are the reason we are here right now. We do not deal with stereotypes: we believe that every person who follows us represents different parts of the spectrum in terms of social background, education and income, and we certainly do not limit our discussion to a certain group of people. We believe that quality content that carries the right meanings can be delivered to a different group of people and persevered by each in his way.

We focus on a mission summed by considering the piece of content as a convenient point of connection, considering the values that we as team support whether it was sustainability, economic empowerment, personal development, and the free circulation of ideas and people that need to be championed.

We believe good content is worth sitting down for and engaging with, on multiple levels. Since there are many more important voices to be heard in the world, and we’re ecstatic about moving the biggest issues, stories, and opinions into the spotlight they deserve.




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