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What is ClubHouse

A new app joined wave and it's currently all that we hear about. Maybe it’s a pandemic that made Clubhouse appeared.

The reason for the hype can be based on different levels, perhaps because the application is invitation only, or because it's because it is triggering the depth of people's knowledge.

The cool thing about it is the feeling that you are part of an inner circle. The community also seems like a great place to introduce brands and new ventures. And after participating in several rooms, I’m convinced Clubhouse is the perfect platform for an industry expert, a startup CEO, or even an entire brand to get noticed.

The Value of new connections

You can easily find a group related to your industry, blend in quickly, and then expand your horizons by following key individuals in your niche.

For instance, now in the tech category, there are interesting and diverse communities of Ukrainian entrepreneurs, European startups, VCs, AI specialists, and many more.

The authentic way to boost your profile and brand

You can comfortably sit silently in a room without talking until you get used to the specific room, and once you’re ready to speak, just raise your hand and jump in at the right time.

What I do suggest though, is that you use that inactive time, in the beginning, to make sure you are well prepared. Know what you want to talk about and have a clear idea about what your goal is for the conversation. Journalists are starting to host weekly rooms discussing tech trends. These rooms present a good opportunity for you to share your knowledge and your brand’s latest news, celebrate recent achievements — yours or from the industry — and gain new connections.

Control your Message

Joining a good Clubhouse room feels like speaking at a conference. But instead of the hassle that comes with that, you get more control. Once you have earned attention and followers by participating in various rooms, it’s time to start your Clubhouse room and invite people to talk. My advice is to schedule your room in advance and avoid busy hours. I think it helps using the popularity the platform is currently experiencing to catch people’s attention. Journalists, VCs, and other high-profile people seem to be keen to talk on Clubhouse, perhaps its novelty makes it more appealing than yet another Zoom call.


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