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Alain Crevet

When two stars align St.Dupont and Karl Lagerfeld—good things tend to happen. These two stars decided to work together and the outcome is a classy collaboration of chic writing instruments. With the unveiling of the Mon Dupont, consisting of a fountain pen, rollerball pen, ballpoint pen and lighter, they have created a level of elegance that has come to be expected from a Lagerfeld design. Inspired by a fan-shaped bottle, Mon Dupont pens have a triangular look, with a gemstone set on the clip, creating a cabochon effect. The collection is available in two colors: lotus red with gold finishes and black with palladium finishes. A chat with Alain Crevet the CEO of ST.Dupont to know more about this collaboration and about Alian himself.

1) We all know you have been working in the Luxury world since long time back, tell us about the move you did from LVMH to St. Dupont?

Well I’m a smoker since I’m young in age, since I’m 18, the company was slow for a period of time, and for my passion about the lighter and the luxury goods, I met with the Dupont Family, and joined the team. I worked on restarting the company, and as you see now it’s doing really well. Simplicity is the main factor St. Dupont works on and the company makes sure to find the right collaborations.

2) The company has been producing luxury items since 1872, what changes had occurred since you joined in 2006?

When I joined, I focused on 4things, Pen, Lighter, Leather goods, which is Bags and Brief cases, and then the Cufflinks and Belts, the plan is to add interesting kind of pens, we will be having pens with crocodile skin.

3) You are now in Dubai, and last night you introduced your collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld on Mon Dupont, tell us more about this new line you introduced and what would such collaboration add on the portfolio of the established luxury brand?

I know Karl, from before, met him for couples of times, always respect his creations, very nice and light. We first did Liberte for women; it was made for a very elegant female very smooth. Mon Dupont is about the shape the simplicity and the chic look that Karl is looking for.

4) How much are you personally involved in the design and feel of a new pen or a new piece St. Dupont is introducing to the market?

I’m Very Involved in each design for St.Dupont. I’m always involved in the aspects of small details, from design to sales to collaborations.

5) alking again about your visit to Dubai, how important is the presence of the brand in the Middle East?

I believe it's a very important market for us. France, Southern Europe and the Middle East. It's a long lasting story since the 60’s, we are presence in the middle east since 50 years.

6) From sales point of View, how is the region reacting to all the luxury items you are providing for men from lighters, to stylish gadgets, belts cigars accessories, and fragrances?

It is doing really well, we are getting a wonderful feedback, its on solid rules. We got a increase for an average of more than 10 to 15% for the last two years.

7) Tell us about the upcoming projects in terms of collaborations or new lines coming up soon.

After The collaboration between Karl and Dupont for Mon Dupont, you will be seeing a lot of work between Karl and us. And still we will be collaborating with famous designers and local associations. Maybe we will be having Chinese or Japanese collaborations that we will announce about it on time.


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