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AMDmode sat with Acqua Di Parma’s President, Gabriella Scarpa to discuss the brand’s history, essence and future and to discuss Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa Oud Eau de Cologne Concentrée. The exclusive and elegant composition of the fragrance originates from a mixture of popular and highly esteemed edition Colonia Intensa enriched with precious oud essential oil.

1) How does it feel starting in vehicle industry and moving into something related to beauty and fashion?

I started in the construction, publishing and then watches field, all this added to formulate my personality and build my career, so from the construction side I’ve learned the negotiation, from Marketing I was able to learn parts of persuading and presenting, and everything to do with marketing operation.

2) How much are you involved in the creation of the Acqua Di Parma perfumes?

The Creative part of Acqua Di Parma comes from Italy, what I work more on is the strategy to introduce the certain aspects and the new business to the company. In the cosmetic part of LVMH its divided between the mass and luxury. Luca Montezemolo manages the Acqua Di Parma.

He started the brand, and we are working now on the same value and roots, since we are building it on international artisanal work, in a limited quantity and distribution. The product is available in 34 countries at the moment; we tend to have the right Customer service people to serve our clients on one to one basis.

3) What was the inspiration behind the new notes of the perfume

The notes are all Italian ingredients, with the Arabic Oud, there was a huge demand from our local costumers here in this region, after doing research and studying the market and our selection of clients, we decided to come up with a scents dedicated for this region, leaving at the same time the Italian roots and luxury of the brand.

4) Who is the ideal man who would wear this perfume

It's the perfect cologne for the Italian man, for the Italian ingredients and for the international Arabic men, who would like to smell same as his lifestyle.

5) What part of Italy are the ingredients from

It's a mixture between Italy the Arabian Gulf, Morocco and Indonesia, so its like a trip between these countries formulating this Oud Italian Fragrance.

6) What is the future plans for Acqua Di Parma in this region?

There are lots of upcoming initiatives for Acqua Di Parma, but as we mentioned we are a luxury brands and we select our products and production of perfumes, and we have a selected kind of customers. For us Middle East is a very important market, that's why you find us present here, although it takes time to enter this market, and nowadays its high and attracting more than before, especially Dubai, it's a Hub and the transit for all the region.


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